Armenotech is

A technology company with experience integrating on Stellar

We help businesses all over the world embrace digital transformation, specializing in:

  • Payment processing;
  • Forex;
  • Technology for CFD trading;
  • Blockchain integration;
  • Tokenization;
  • Stablecoin & other FinTech domains.
We have developed an ecosystem that is active in
Send countries
Receive countries


Try our unified product suite, or Contact us to discuss your custom needs:

Money Transfer
KYC & KYB automation
Payment Processing
White-label e-wallet
Forex Trading
White-Label Money Transfer Platform

White-Label Money Transfer Platform

Become a Money Transfer company in as little as one month!

Our ready-made payment solution can be fully customised to match your needs and Brand.


  • Customer onboarding;
  • KYC automation;
  • Customer-facing web, android and iOS applications;
  • User-friendly back-office interface;
  • Money Laundering protection;
  • Reporting system;
  • Multi-Lingual: operate in more countries with more clients;
  • Email, Sms and Push notifications: choose the quicker way to contact your customers.


We also offer services and expertise in the following areas:

Integration with Stellar blockchain

Stellar protocol implementation:

  • KYC - SEP-12;
  • Payment processing - SEP-06;
  • Money Transfer - SEP-031;

Tokenization, Stablecoin implementation.

  • Read more about EURT tokenization here.

Integration with companies supporting Stellar Network;

Legal & Compliance Consulting

We offer interpretation, planning and implementation as an end-to-end service. You receive an efficient and effective solution that achieves your business and regulatory objectives.

Our people have worked for Regulators, large consultancies and a wide range of financial services institutions.We work with you to understand the operational, risk and compliance needs of your business.

IT infrastructure for payments processing
  • Deploying our products on your or our infrastructure;
  • Providing 2 or 3-level support;
  • PCI DSS-compliant payment processing as SAS solution.
  • Legal and compliance consulting
Business development & Sales services

We assist companies in facilitating and promoting business development, procurement, marketing and sales representation with our marketing and business expertise, through a network of affiliates, payment providers, contacts and sales representatives in the Fintech industry.

Why choose us?

We are open to any tech idea with great market potential.

Blockchain based technologies

Our payment and forex technologies are built on the basis of the Stellar blockchain, which allows us to increase speed of transactions and reduce cost.

Turnkey Fintech solutions

The Easiest and Quickest way to start your business is to have a ready-made solution from the professional technology partner.

Verified business experience

Armenotech software presence across the World with the 50+ send countries, 150+ receive countries, $20M transactions.

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